About Gianni Fracchia

Founder and Principal of Derwent Scotch, I deliver high-impact solutions that enable our clients to realise critical objectives.

I, Gianni Fracchia:

Getting a little deeper, I:

  • Am bold and thought-provoking.
  • Fuse my entrepreneurial and corporate experience.
  • Invest heavily in personal and professional development.
  • Ask direct questions, often challenging the status quo.
  • Have been together and married to Danielle Fracchia for over twenty-one years.

AND, I oppose:

  • Myopic value-driven tactics.
  • Theoretical projection-driven initiatives.
  • Operating in isolation to address symptoms, not root causes (pixel vs picture).
  • Cutting corners or any other hacks to “do things quickly”.


Derwent Scotch About - Gianni Fracchia
"Resonate with people who are decisive, high-achieving, and demand excellence, without exception... and ask direct questions, often challenging the status quo."